Quick Fix

Whether you're looking for renovation ideas to love the home you're in or plan to make a big move in 2022, here's how to prepare.

Renovation 101

8 Home Upgrades That Don't Pay Off ?
If your goal is to boost the selling price of your home, these home improvement project won't move the needle. Here are the projects to skip.
Home Upgrades and Improvements That Really Pay Off
These around-the-house upgrades and improvements make great investments.
10 Things That Can Make or Break Your Kitchen Remodel
There are a slew of kitchen remodeling ideas out there, but which of them are really worth the cost? These are the top upgrades to prioritize during a kitchen remodel, according to realtors, interior designers, and contractors.

Boost Your Home's Value

9 Landscaping Ideas That Can Make Your Home More Valuable
A patio or a pergola? Choose carefully—the right landscaping ideas can make your home more valuable
4 Neutral Paint Colors That Can Add Value to Your Home
A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for your home, and can potentially increase its value by thousands of dollars. Here are the paint colors experts recommend.

Home Selling Tips and Tricks

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